Offender Tracking Resources
1993 Technology Transfer Meeting - Part 1
This is the agenda of the first formal meeting to discuss the offender tracking concept. it was hosted by the NM Corrections Department. Representatives from Sandia National Laboratories and BI, Inc. were invited participants.
1993 Technology Transfer Meeting - Part 2
These are the calling cards of the attendees of the first planning meeting for the offender tracking technology transfer meeting.
CRADA SC94-12685 Part 1
George Drake, working on behalf of the New Mexico Corrections Department, asked Sandia National Laboratories to assist in the development of an offender tracking technology. As a result of this initiative, a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) was developed. Spectrum Industries was selected to be the private sector partner in the project. This 1994 "Task 1 Report" shows Spectrum Industries' buiness plan for the project. NOTE: This is a large file. If it does not display, contact to receive this file via e-mail.
CRADA SC94-12685 Part 2
This files contains the attachments to the CRADA report. NOTE: This is a large file. If it does not display, contact to receive this file via e-mail.
Early Handwritten Notes from 1986
Personal notes of George Drake from 1986 showing several approaches and applications for tracking offenders. Note: this was before the development of GPS.
Hoshen Patent
The first US patent awarded to Joseph Hoshen for an offender tracking technology.
Pro Tech Patent
The patent for the first commercially viable offender tracking product
NIJ Offender Tracking Standard
Draft Offender Tracking Standard - Certification Program
This is a draft (released December 2013 for public comment) of a proposal on how the offender tracking equipment will be tested to assure tracking device models conform to the standard.
Draft Offender Tracking Standard - Refurbishment Program
This draft NIJ document (released December 2013 for public comment) outlines a proposed certification program for devices that are remanufactured.
Draft Offender Tracking Standard - Selection and Application Guide
A great tool for agencies in understanding and implementing an offender tracking program. This is a draft released for public comment in December 2013. NOTE: This is a large file. If it does not display, contact to receive this file via e-mail.
Offender Tracking Standard - Requirements
After many years of research and hard work, the NIJ Special Technical Committee has completed its groundbreaking initiative on the Offender Tracking Standard. It was released in July of 2016. Mr. Drake served as the co-facilitator of the committee throughout the process. This standard provides a blueprint from which manufacturers can build reliable systems while providing agencies the confidence that compliant models will perform as required. NOTE: This is a large file. If it does not display, contact to receive this file via an alternate modality.
Issues to Cosider before Starting a Tracking Program
Please review this document prior to implementing a tracking program.
Testing Protocols for Offender Tracking Equipment
An excellent resource to help you evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of tracking equipment. This can be used prior to making a purchasing decision to ensure the vendors' claims are realy true
Reports and Research
Can EM Reduce Crime for Moderate to High Risk Offenders?
A discussion of the viability of the offender monitoring technologies with moderate to high risk offenders
Electronic Monitoring's Impact on Reoffending
Research compiled by Dr. Marc Renzema on the impact electronic monitoring has on recidivism
Florida State Report 2005
This report discusses the effectiveness of offender tracking programs.
Virtual Shadow Route Following Technology
A press release from Virtual Technologies concerning their dead reckoning product
Drug Detection Resources
Actigraphy Definition
A brief description of the approach that can be used to detect drug use.
Sleep Time Study
A study showing how well impairment can be predicted from sleep pattern changes
Breath Testing
Toyota Developing Anti-Drunk Driving Device
Interesting news article.
General Information
About Drug Testing
A very informative overview of the topic that includes detection windows.
Drug Testing Basics
Things you should know.
Drug Testing Technology Overview
A good resource for your drug testing library.
General Information About Drug Testing
Provides an overview of approaches to offender drug testing
Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Methods
A good description of issues you should consider when choosing a drug detection approach.
Hair Analysis
Drug Testing Methods (Hair)
An excellent report on the benefits and challenges of drug detection through hair analysis.
Forensic Application of Testing Hair
A technical evaluation of drug detection through hair analysis.
The Effect on Hair Color on Hair Drug Testing
Most people do not realize that hair color is a significant variable that must be considered.
NIR Absorbtion Spectroscopy
Biomedical Optics
An overview of how Near Infrared Light can be used to detect drugs in the blood.
TruTouch Receives Business Makeover
News article
Pupilometry Studies
A collection of studies compiled by a vendor of this technology.
Pupilometry Study by Brown County MN
A letter describing the effectiveness of this technology to detect drug use with Brown County offenders.
San Diego Pupilometry Study
A more objective study on the effectiveness of using this technology to detect drug use.
Reports and Research
Drug Testing for Youthful Offenders on Parole
A study by the California Youth Authority that reviews the impact of drug testing on youthful offenders
Saliva Testing
A New Method of Drug Testing
A discussion of using saliva as an alternative drug detection method.
Saliva Drug Testing Explained
A helpful document to help the practitioner understand saliva drug testing.
Transdermal Testing
Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring - A Practioner's Guide
This is the most comprehensive work to date on CTAM. A great resource prepared by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF).
Drug Testing Patch
A description of the drug detecting patch technology.
NIDA Notes on Sweat Testing
A comparison of the sweat patch, hair sampling and urinalysis testing for drug detection.
Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Case Studies
Another excellent resource prepared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NOTE: This is a large file. If you experience problems loading this file, please contact me @ and I will e-mail the document to you.
Consulting Documents
Expert Witness Services
Mr. Drake has been qualified to provide expert witness services and testimony in a number of court cases. Using his skill as a communicator, he makes even the most complex tracking issues easy to understand for the legal team, the judge and jury with the goal of the case coming to the most appropriate disposition.
History of Correct Tech, LLC
A brief history of the company, including international contracts
Mr. Drake's CV
Mr. Drake has extensive corrections experience, including administrative work, consulting, writing and speaking engagements.
Skills Building Seminar
This is a "must have" course if your agency is considering or wanting to improve an offender tracking program. Mr. Drake will come to your location and provide a 3-4 day customized seminar that can include all aspects of offender tracking programing. Call for details. Only the lesson plans are attached.

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